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Assessment 1 Word Document

March 15, 2011

Assessment 1 Word Document


Assessment 1

March 14, 2011


The application I have chosen to install for my first assessment in Internet & Network Services is phpBB. PhpBB is free open-source software that is available under the GNU General Public License. It stands for PHP Bulletin Board and is essentially a free open-source internet message board built on PHP and MySQL.

A Brief History:

phpBB was first created by James Atkinson  in June 2000. The idea came about as he wanted to create a UBB-forum like solution for his wife. Due to it being open-source software it was soon releases on the very popular website SourceForge. Here it quickly rose in popularity due to its easy installation and vast customizable features. Since its release in 2000 two main uupdates to phpBB have been released. Those being phpBB 2.0 and phpBB 3.0 released in April 2002 and May 2007 respectively.

Assessment 1:

What I plan to do for this assessment is to successfully install a LAMP Server using Ubuntu Server 10.10 and to have phpBB 3.0 running on the server. I will have instructional videos on the instillation of both the server and phBB3 and include basic steps on how to initially configure and create forums on the new phpBB installation.

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