Assignment 2

For my second assignment  we were tasked with setting up the following Internet & Network services using Ubuntu for a company called KhufuNet:

  • Web Server (Apache) with Virtual Hosting two sites.
  • DNS Server (BIND), Primary & Secondary
  • DHCP Server for Ubuntu clients
  • eMail Server (Postfix) & POP/IMAP Server (Dovecot)
  • FTP Server
  • SSH Server
  • File Server (Samba)
  • Network Printing (CUPS)

For this project my partner was Ann-Marie Fitzgerald and we split the services evenly among us. I installed the Email Server, DHCP Server, FTP Server and SSH Server and Ann-Marie installed the Samba Server, Apache Server and a Print Server (CUPS).

Below is a link to our report on this assignment:

INS Second Assignment


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