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Installing LAMP Server on Ubuntu 10.10

February 22, 2011

In our last lab for Internet & Network Services class we were given the task of installing a LAMP server on the Linux operating system Ubuntu 10.10 and have WordPress running using that server. LAMP is an acronym for an open-source software that provides the four main components to build a web server. Those four main components are:

  • Linux
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • MySQL
  • PHP

In my first attempt to install the server in class I ran into great difficulty. I was unable to attach WordPress to the MySQL database which ended up in me receiving a “Could Not Connect To Database” error message every time i tried to open WordPress in a browser.

On my second attempt to install the server I had a lot more success! This was in great part to the useful instructions provided to us by our lecturer Tim Horgan at his blog. The following article provided detailed and simple instructions on how to successfully create the server and also to allow WordPress to successfully talk to the MySQL database.

After successful completion of the lab I was able to run WordPress using the newly installed LAMP Server on Ubuntu. This can be seen in the screenshot below: